Thursday, 23 July 2015

San Francisco Global Movie Fest raises Rs. 5 million on Crowdera

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) in California has partnered with upcoming Silicon Valley based crowd-funding platform Crowdera to raise capital for their humungous initiative, The San Francisco Global Movie Fest. They have already raised around Rs. 50 lakh and are planning to raise over 6 Crore on Crowdera.
Crowdera intends to build a giving economy making crowd-funding free for everyone, monetizing the social capital to empower individuals and organizations driving social impact, social innovation and international cinema.
Founder Chet Jain says that he wants his platform to be a catalyst for global change in the giving industry, fostering an environment where fundraisers collaborate with teams, engage with corporations and influence the world to do good.
Says he, “Crowdera intends to build a giving economy where money would never constrain people and organizations from doing good. Crowdera and I are really happy to be associated with social visionary and philanthropist, Dr. Japra who has built FOG platform where communities collaborate for a common good."
Adds Dr Romesh Japra, Convenor, San Francisco Global Move Fest, "we are simply thrilled that people from all walks of life are realizing the true potential of this vision and we are delighted to associate with Crowdera."
Crowdera curates every entry and approves campaigns based on its alignment with social impact vision and social authenticity of campaign creators. The platform, initially focused on helping fundraisers in the United States, is geared for worldwide operations. It plans to go live in India by August 15 of this year. Along with Non-Profits and Social Innovators, Crowdera also wants to help independent filmmakers in India to raise money free and deliver impact driven films.
Chet Jain is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a film maker based near San Francisco, California, started Crowdera along with co-founders Rich Matsuura and Chai Atreya. 
San Francisco Global Movie Festival is one of the most-awaited global film festivals and is scheduled from August 7-16. 

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