Friday, 26 August 2016


Vishwajeet Pradhan, Sohail Khan and Sonalika Pradhan
Chinagate Group's Magazine was abuzz with masti, music, mazaa and  Ozvaganza Melbourne, a  Meilleur Events presentation. The hoi polloi of Mumbai was naturally there with actor Vishwajeet and wife Sonalika Pradhan, their Australian associates Eshwar Lakhawat and Raj Chopra, Smita Thackeray, Sohail Khan, Rajpal Yadav, Ruhan Mahendra Kapoor, Krishna Tamang, Vinod Kambli, Rohit Verma, Asif Bhamla, Ram Kadam, Archana Kochhar, Alexx O’Nell, Lesle Lewis, Madhushree, Mudasir Ali, Kavitta Verma, Eijaz Khan, Brinda Parekh, DJ Beyond 120, Allwyn Rodrigues, Purva Rana, Rehan Shah, Priyanka Shah among others.

Ozvaganza Melbourne, the brainchild of Sonalika and Vishwajeet Pradhan, will see Preity Zinta, Abhay Deol, world-famous DJs , Brazilian dance troupe, singers and performers among others swaying to Bollywood beats in Melbourne. The event also spells the confluence of leading designers from India, Pakistan, UAE, Sri Lanka and Australia, and is in collaboration with Smita Thackeray’s Mukkti Foundation.

Says Vishwajeet Pradhan, “Ozvaganza Melbourne aims to bring together the best of South Asia and Australia, and strengthening the India-Australia intercultural relationship and our motto of empowering women.”

Adds Smita Thackeray, “We for India is the new social initiative started by my NGO, Mukkti Foundation. I believe that the only way to empower women is by developing their skill sets, making them financially independent and capable of standing on their feet, to walk tall in society and with their heads held high. For this endeavour, we are proud to associate with Ozvaganza Melbourne, to take our cause further.”

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