Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Weight and watch this Vidhi Kasliwal film!

Vidhi Kasliwal, Sachin Kundalkar, Sai Tamhankar  and Priya Bapat

When Sachin Kundalkar came to producer Vidhi Kasliwal with a  Vazandaar concept, she was game. Only thing is she wanted the story to be set in a younger age bracket. The director agreed, and seeds of Vazandaar, the Marathi film were sown. Today, as Vazandaar is set for a Nov 11 release, producer Vidhi Kasliwal is elated.
“The idea was to keep the film as real as possible, with the actresses putting on and losing weight in real as well as reel life. I was worried that no top actresses would agree to it.  But Sachin was sure and rightly so!”  Both Sai Tamhankar  and Priya Bapat agreed instantly. “The only thing was that both the actresses loved the opposite roles. The actresses liked the other characters, and got cast in the role of their choice.”
Vazandaar is a simple story on how we should love ourselves and look beyond our body image because self image is bigger than body image. “You have to look beautiful to yourself and accept yourself as you are. This film is bigger than just a film,” elaborates Vidhi who feels that though the protagonists are women, the film has universal appeal.
“Self image or body image is gender-blind. Men have equally had issues with their body... either receding hairline or shoulders are not that broad or not tall enough... the list could go on” Kundalkar, avers Vidhi, understands women psyche really well. She cites the references of Aiyya and Happy Journey. “He is a very sensitive person, attuned to feelings. That makes a very big difference.”
Vazandaar is about the friendship of two girls who are from different backgrounds, and how both of them help each other out. Their weighty issue almost costs them their friendship. how, both the women work to restore the friendship and keep that bond and girl power alive, forms the crux of the story.

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