Saturday, 9 December 2017

Gracy Singh, Sushmita Sen, Kavita Seth, Prem Soni… throng BK Sister Shivani’s spiritual talk

Bollywood and spiritualism seem to go hand in hand with actors spending time at Hotel Sea Princess this Sunday to hear the spiritual talk of Brahmakumari Sister Shivani. Actors Gracy Singh, Sushmita Sen, Bhagyashree, Kitu Gidwani, Ramesh Goyal, Sharad Kapoor, Amita Nangia, Neelima Azeem,  Kavita Seth, Director Prem Soni, Writer Avi, Pinky Roshan, lyricist Sameer, Narayan Agarwal and a host of others were part of the spiritual the all-day programme followed by a simple satvik meal.
Said Gracy Singh, “My mother introduced me to Brahmakumaris. It has changed my outlook towards life. Just as your mobile battery needs a recharge, we need to be charged to face life as it comes. The spiritual talk by BK Sister Shivani does just that.”
Added Neelima Azeem, “I am a spiritual person. Dance is my connect to God. My friends wanted me to come for the talk and so I felt that this would be a wonderful opportunity and it indeed is.”
Director Prem Soni and actor Natasha Singh admit that Brahmakumari has changed their lives. Says Natasha Singh, “An aunt referred me to Brahmakumaris at a difficult phase of my life. It made a difference to me and hence I always pass it forward to those to need it most. There is abundance of love here.”
Avers Prem Soni,  “Natasha introduced me to Brahmkumaris. I was going through a very difficult phase and today I know the answers to the questions that have always been on my mind. The love you receive here is overwhelming.”
Feels Bhagyashree, “BK Sister Shivani is simple and explains with so much love that it touches you, I feel overwhelmed.” The same emotion is echoed by Pinky Roshan, Sharad Kapoor and the ilk.
When you ask BK Sister Shivani for a few final words of wisdom, she says, “If you think your life is not in the right direction, it is time to take a U turn towards spirituality. Spirituality means connecting to my original quality and to be able to use peace, love and compassion in every Karma. And as a person I am looking for peace, love and respect. If I connect to myself, then I will find peace and contribute towards creating a peaceful world.”
The world sure needs that today! 

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