Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mahima Chaudhary & Gracy Singh inaugurate artist Paramesh Paul's show, Glory of Varanasi.

Soul pilgrimage

The magical mysticism, the riveting riverbanks, the vast sea of humanity, Paramesh Paul infuses his works with a volatile energy that sees the City of Light shining bright, both physically and metaphorically. Worshippers taking dip in the river, the multitudes of small temples, the steps, the sadhus, the kamadul, the chhatris, the vatvruksha, the Nandi and the narrow streets teeming with life, Ustad Bismillah Khan, Girija Devi, of Benaras Gharana who have become synonymous with the embodiment of the spirit of Varanasi come to life on his canvas.
Painting, for Paramesh Paul, is a spiritual practice, an act of conscious, creative alignment with the Supreme. As one delves deeper into the paintings, one experiences a harmonious rhythm of life imbued with the feeling of transcendence, balance, and oneness with the whole of creation.
And this feeling was echoed by celebrities Mahima Chaudhary and Gracy Singh when they visited his exhibition at Nehru Centre Art Gallery to inaugurate the same. “I am in Benaras,” said Mahima Chaudhary. “The paintings transport you to the land of the Ganges. Paramesh Paul’s works are simply amazing.”
Added Gracy Singh, “the positivity in Paramesh Paul’s paintings is amazing. I have never been to Benaras but I feel I am there. His works have such an aura.”

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