Saturday, 9 February 2019

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Carve Your Life’ Is A Bible To Life: Bhagyashree

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Carve Your Life’ Is A Bible To Life: Bhagyashree
Actress Bhagyshree was a picture of calmness and composure as she launched Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Carve Your Life: Live a Great Life with Carvism, a self-empowerment book for those seeking to find their true self, find meaning in their life and lead a fruitful and successful life.

“Bhagyashree is known for living life on her own terms and contribution to society and has carved her life according to values and practiced the concept of Carvism in true essence. Hence she was the ideal personality to inaugurate The Carve Your Life Book,” averred Dr Prem Jagyasi,  an award-winning global leader and acclaimed life coach, who has delivered keynote speeches and conducted focused workshops in several countries.
He is renowned for delivering succinct and customized Carve Your Life training programmes. In his book, he has answered readers’ queries about minimalism, productivity and tactical transformation in one’s self.
Shedding light on what inspired him to write this

book, Dr. Prem Jagyasi said, “The art of carving one’s life through minimalism is empowering enough to bring about maximum transformation in one’s real self. My book intends to be a savior for all those who wish to find a purpose in their life, bring out their true self, and get the most productivity out of their endeavors.”
Added  Bhagyashree, “Dr. Prem’s book, honestly, is a bible to life. It is something we should read page by page, even if you read a paragraph every single day. We should have it by our bedside as something, just to remind us, on how simple life can be. So, make your life simple but significant.”
 "Sometimes we form very unrealistic definition of success. More than accumulation, it should be about contribution towards life. It is also very important to follow the bidding of your heart and to live a passionate life. In Dr Prem Jagyasi's Carvism principles, we can find great suggestions about how we can scrape out everything unnecessary from our lives and keep only those things that complete us, and ultimately help us in living a meaningful life,” added Bhagyashree.
The book has been edited, published and marketed by Times Group Books (TGB), Madhuita Mohanty, Senior Editor, TGB, said about the upcoming release, “We are delighted to publish Carve Your Life. We believe Dr. Prem Jagyasi’s indigenously developed philosophy of Carvism will immensely benefit readers as it provides practical insight into the art of being at one’s productive best.” With the rising need for practical, no-nonsense books and media with relevant life-inspiring content has grown exponentially in recent decades. Carve Your Life attempts to bridge that gap and help people identify clutter in their lives, declutter their lives and then focus on the material and non-material aspects that hold and add value in their lives.

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